Qi Gong Stasis Healing Sounds DVD

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Qi Gong Stasis Healing Sounds DVD 

By Ra Un Nefer Amen



The main cause of degenerative illnesses according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is "stasis” – stagnation in the circulation of the Qi (the life-force). This stagnation causes undernourishment of the organs and buildup of toxins which lay the foundation for infection, auto-intoxication, waste accumulation (atherosclerosis), and aberrations in cell function. All of these factors are implicated in cancer. Detoxification, the cornerstone of all natural healing systems, is the rationale behind colonics, enema therapies, fasting, drainage, and many Ayurvedic cleansing techniques (chelation, sweating, etc) which all have their pros and cons.  On the other hand, the stasis healing sounds of TCM have the advantage of being gentle, free, and accessible to all (with minor exceptions). Best of all, they address all functions of the body, mind and soul.

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