Tree Of Life Guided Meditation CD - Sebek Aum Bam

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Tree Of Life Guided Meditation CD - Sebek Aum Bam

By Ra Un Nefer Amen





Aum Bam Gam Jam is a mantra, heka, or word of power for the removal of negative spiritual forces from one’s person or environment. Disturbances from negative spiritual forces are often referred to as psychic attacks, hexes, negative spirit possessions, haunted houses or buildings with bad spiritual vibes, etc. Such appellations may be correct or incorrect. Some cases are due to hallucinations stemming from disordered brain chemistry and are best handled by medical professionals. Where there is clearly no evidence of pathology, and especially if a trained spiritual practitioner has confirmed the presence of negative spiritual forces, the prescribed meditations on this CD will give desired results. Sebek incense, essential oil blend and spiritual bath can enhance the effects of this meditation. For more information, read the corresponding material in Metu Neter volumes 1 -5 and Tree of Life Meditation System.

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