Tree Of Life Guided Meditation CD - Sekher-t

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Tree Of Life Guided Meditation CD - Sekher-t

By Ra Un Nefer Amen



If the events in our lives were random, it would mean that you could not prepare for them spiritually. If this were true, then you could not be held accountable for your actions; otherwise there would be no justice or mercy from God. The truth is, your life has been planned, and the plan is destiny – the preordained set of events through which, according to your free-will response, you will achieve your spiritual goal, wisdom and power. The hekau of Sekher(t) will help you to understand the events in your life and find the strength to endure them peacefully. Sekhert incense, essential oil blend and spiritual bath can enhance the effects of this meditation. For more information, read the corresponding material in Metu Neter volumes 1 -5 and Tree of Life Meditation System.

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