Tree Of Life Guided Meditation CD - Tehuti Voice of God

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Tree Of Life Guided Meditation CD - Tehuti Voice of God

By Ra Un Nefer Amen





We experience the influence of the Neter, Tehuti, as the desire for knowledge, and value.  This desire can only be satisfied through the law of Tehuti.  The goal of Tehuti’s law is to give proof of God’s existence, man’s likeness with God and the purpose of creation.  This guided meditation will help you to awaken this faculty within you. Hekau (words of power, mantras) and seeding on this CD will assist you in transcending the conditionings that oppose your benefitting from the living the 11 Laws of the spirit – the word of God –  and increasing your receptivity to the voice of God. Tehuti incense, essential oil blend and spiritual bath can enhance the effects of this meditation.  For more information, read the corresponding material in Metu Neter volumes 1 -5 and Tree of Life Meditation System.

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