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Welcome to TAUI Network, provider of spiritual educational services to the international general public. The spiritual teachings behind Kamit's success have lain hidden in its holy books and the spiritual traditions it spawned around the world. While many scholars have chosen to focus their attention on the history and material accomplishments of Kamit, we have made it our mission to bring to the world the spiritual teachings that brought spiritual, social and technological harmony, peace and prosperity to Kamit.

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The TAUI Network Opportunity

TAUI Network delivers on the experience garnered from over 40 years of practical application of extensive health and lifestyle research. We encourage you to dust off your vision and partner with a company that has leveraged the intellectual capital of cyber-marketing experts to create wealth through community-based marketing.

Our story starts with direct referral - no recruiting, no retailing, no middlemen! You make money just by sharing your unique experience of using TAUI Network products and services. You earn weekly bonuses and monthly commissions by helping others benefit from these products and services. Talk to family, friends or casual acquaintances, simply introduce your contacts to TAUI Network's exclusive line of products, and earn commissions once your friends sign on and purchase. It's that simple! TAUI Network provides a win-win for everyone. You share what helped you with others, and when they buy, you get a percentage of their sale and the same can happen for them. Just by sharing, you are well on your way to creating a successful at-home business that pays commissions, monthly.

What's more, from operations management to senior management, customer satisfaction is a top priority. TAUI Network will support your business enterprise, and extend access to its knowledgeable and vigilant support team. This exceptional team will guide you through online or in-person training to help you develop the confidence to start a business of your own. You will also benefit from TAUI Network's diverse international community base, built over the past 40 years.

To further maximize your earning potential, just follow TAUI Network 's helpful back-office training and receive step-by-step guidance in building your business. You build your business at your own pace. Get paid to network with friends and family and enhance your quality of life in the process. It's that simple. We want everyone to benefit from the wealth that TAUI Network is poised to generate.

TAUI Network's founder, noted author and lecturer Ra Un Nefer Amen I, has led the way in establishing TAUI Network as a company with a proud history of community-oriented service that has benefitted many over the past 40 years. It is now your time to allow our wealth-sharing dynamo to propel you to success! Let us show you how to make TAUI Network your fiscal cliff parachute and guarantee your own safe landing in a forest of economic uncertainty.
Connect with TAUI Network and learn how to improve your life while increasing your wealth.

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