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Welcome to TAUI Network, provider of spiritual educational services to the international general public. The spiritual teachings behind Kamit's success have lain hidden in its holy books and the spiritual traditions it spawned around the world. While many scholars have chosen to focus their attention on the history and material accomplishments of Kamit, we have made it our mission to bring to the world the spiritual teachings that brought spiritual, social and technological harmony, peace and prosperity to Kamit.

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Self Mastery Goes Global

TAUI Network is the brainchild of Ra Un Nefer Amen I, internationally renowned best selling author, teacher, and counselor who has achieved great success in helping others to satisfy their basic needs through cooperative efforts. He began writing personal enhancement books over 40 years ago, proclaiming the importance of emotional balance which leads to financial and personal success. His illustrious works have yielded a prescription for daily living that includes dependable strategies for today's successful entrepreneur.

Ra Un Nefer Amen spent much of his early years examining and refining personal improvement and wellness strategies. He has uncovered the secrets of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and has integrated them with other systems. This has resulted in educative approaches to improving productivity and wellness.

He wrote the Metu Neter, a 7-volume vehicle for enabling personal development through re-examination and restructuring of conditioned responses to the experiences of life. And, in keeping with his wellness focus, he penned the groundbreaking Healing the Errors of Living, based on the practice of homeopathy. Some of his other works include: Healing Is In The Spirit, a book that reveals the unbalancing effect that thoughts can have on wellbeing and success. Qi Gong: Healing Prescriptions, Qi Gong Success, Bazi Success Strategies, and Bazi Fundamentals: Four Pillars Chinese Astrology, Guide to Your Personality offer practical paths to goal actualization. Ra Un Nefer Amen has written and lectured extensively on his transformative techniques.

Taui Network offers products that build productivity and wealth. Services offered by TN include life coaching for personal success, self-mastery cultivation classes and online instruction that provide a framework for the realization of individual potential. Health seminars for men, healing workshops for women, parenting and relationship workshops and nutrition classes further complement TN's array of services. To further facilitate the healing process, homeopathy, botanicals, holistic medicine and Qi Gong exercises strengthen the life force, the cultivation of which is essential in achieving your personal and financial goals. Yoga, aerobics and "self-centering breathing" techniques promote and enhance emotional balance, and Bazi astrology increases confidence by identifying periods in the life cycle best suited for promoting health, financial growth, strong relationships, and rewarding careers.

Under the direction of Ra Un Nefer Amen I, Taui Network's goal is a multi-layered wealth-building platform for success and lifestyle improvement. Because of his unwavering devotion to leading a successful life, Ra Un Nefer Amen presents a solid picture of leadership: unlimited potential, emotional balance, and resourcefulness. Thousands of TN members have followed this example. You can too! Busy and on-the-go in today's world, a successful "home-business" owner needs to be endowed with good health and immersed in the knowledge that success is attainable. Our team of experts can help you on both counts. TN offers you the means to control your destiny by building a personal platform for financial stability through our community-based marketing process.
No more excuses! Taui Network is the vehicle you've been waiting for to get you on the road to success. Sign up now, and begin to experience the bounty that is in store for you. Then, open the way to share the wealth with others.

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